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ACM website - Booth 27

Tuesday 10 September at 15:00

ACM, a well known company in thin film deposition, is now able to supply components, already used for several years in its laboratory, to customer working in the same field.
CO2 snow cleaning
CO2 snow cleaning is a simple process that removes particles of all sizes (from visible to below .02 microns) and organic based contamination.    The stream is created by passing liquid or gaseous CO2 through an orifice to produce a high velocity stream of dry ice and a flowing gas phase. Cleaning occurs via physical and solvent interactions with surfaces.       
Vacuum components
Our expansive product range includes many kinds of vacuum pumps from rough vacuum through to ultra-high vacuum (UHV).  Pumps can be supplied with vacuum chambers, components or specialized solutions to Research and Industry.
The dealer network for sales and service making it possible to support their customers locally and without language barriers.
The products that are of excellent quality, and priced competitively are delivered in a short.




Tuesday 10 September at 14:00

Agilent Technologies your Vacuum Resource.
Agilent is a world technology leader in life sciences, electronic measurement, and chemical analysis. Agilent's roots date back to the earliest days of Hewlett-Packard, which started as a test and measurement company in 1939. Agilent Technologies spun-off from HP in 1999, and in 2010, in the largest acquisition in its history, Agilent acquired Varian, Inc., a leading provider of analytical instrumentation and vacuum products.
Varian's 60+ years of technology leadership and tradition of innovation in vacuum and leak detection becomes a part of Agilent, the world's premier measurement company.
Two of Silicon Valley's champions have combined to create a one-stop, truly global vacuum supplier with a complete range of products and services for scientific research and industrial applications.
As the leader in High- and Ultra-High Vacuum solutions for physics research and scientific instrumentation, and with new solutions for thin film, vacuum metallurgy and leak detection applications, Agilent is your global vacuum resource.



ASMEC - MICHALEX website - Booth 38

Thursday 12 September at 14:00

ASMEC produces nanoindenters and tribometers.
It provides hardware, software and measurement services for the characterization of mechanical properties of bulk materials or films and thin coatings in the nano and micro range.
The Universal Nanomechanical Tester (UNAT) is equipped with two completely independent measuring heads for the measurement of normal and lateral load-displacement curves with equal nanometer resolution. Recent developments have shown the possibility to measure the Poisson?s ratio and fracture toughness parameters ( K1c, CTOD, a, da/dN ) Due to the combination of both measuring heads, the UNAT can be used as nano and micro hardness tester, wear, scratch, tensile and fatigue tester as well as profilometer.
The UNAT-SEM2 is a vacuum capable nanoindenter for nano- and micromechanical tests in a Scanning Electron Microscope ( SEM). The unit is synchronized with the SEM to visualize the compression or tensile behaviour during the test
These systems work also in dynamic mode
The HTIIS 1200 is a  nanoindenter which goes up to 1200°C with a thermal stability of + 0.05°C
Analysis softwares like Elastica or Film doctor, using complete constitutive equations calculations for bulk and thin layers  gives the possibility to calculate the stress and strain field in 3D during indentation or scratch tests



CSM INSTRUMENTS website - Booth 113

Thursday 12 September at 15:00

Quality Control of Coating Surface Mechanical Properties
CSM Instruments has for over 35 years been developing state-of-the-art instruments for surface mechanical properties characterization. Based on such experience we have developed a line of instruments specifically for measuring the properties of PVD coatings in a production environment. Our products include:

  • Scratch Testers: Used to measure characteristics such as adhesion of a coating, delamination effects, or cracking in order to optimize coating techniques and determine failure points of the film-substrate system.
  • Indentation Testers: Used to determine the hardness and elastic modulus of coatings and surfaces with extremely high precision at the macro-, micro-, and nano-scales to aid in material selection and development.
  • Tribometers: Used to measure the friction coefficient and wear rate between material pairs, as well as perform lifetime analyses.
  • Calotest: Measurement of coating thickness

Some of the newest innovations in each of the above techniques will be presented, with particular emphasis on how they can be easily used for fast and reproducible measurement of coated components, especially non-standard geometries, e.g., diesel injectors, drill and mill bits, etc..



KURT J. LESKER website - Booth 99

Wednesday 11 September at 16:00

The Kurt J. Lesker Company is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of vacuum technology solutions for research and production applications. Through our four divisions - Vacuum Mart, Process Equipment, Materials and Manufacturing - we provide the most complete line of products and service solutions in the vacuum industry worldwide. From the simplest components and fittings to intricate vacuum chambers and precision computer-controlled deposition systems, our company works with you to devise sound, economical solutions for all your vacuum science needs.We offer over 25,000 products, customised solutions, expert technical support and outstanding customer service to cater to your needs.



NEASPEC website - Booth 71

Tuesday 10 September at 14:00

From Nanoscale Chemical Identification to Real-Space Mapping of Graphene Plasmons:
With the development of the first commercial scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscope, Neaspec GmbH brought the analytical power of visible, infrared and THz imaging and spectroscopy
to the nanometer scale. The spatial resolution of about 10 - 20 nm opens a new era for modern nano-analytical applications such as chemical identification, free-carrier profiling and plasmonic vector near-field mapping. Recent research highlights will be presented. 



PI MICOS website - Booth 28

Thursday 12 September at 14:00

As PI miCos we now belong to the company group of PI (Physik Instrumente) and are located in Eschbach near Freiburg. PI miCos develops, produces and markets innovative systems and components for high-precision positioning applications throughout the world. A main focus is on optical measurement technology in research and industry. For this purpose, PI miCos offers customized system solutions with multiple axes in addition to a comprehensive standard program. Wide-ranging application know-how guarantees the implementation of technically demanding solutions. Flexible positioning systems for ultra-high vacuum applications with parallel-kinematics and six degrees of freedom are an example of this, as are systems with linear motors and air cushion bearings.



REUTER TECHNOLOGIES website - Booth 54

Wednesday 11 September at 16:00

Solutions and Joinings in Ultra-High-Vacuum
REUTER offers the complete supply chain starting at R&D followed by engineering, machining, joining, assembly and testing of customer specific products. Knowledge and possibilities to run small to medium series production in house is also available.
We develop high accuracy chipping and joining technologies for new materials just as subsequent cleaning procedures and functional characterization. Our primary focus for product and process development is on joining technologies, particularly vacuum brazing, ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) technologies, cooling/heating systems and components and solutions for thin film deposition processes.



VINCI TECHNOLOGIES website - Booth 84

Tuesday 10 September at 15:00

Vinci Technologies is an independent French company, specialized in the design, manufacturing and marketing of instrumentation, for the High Vacuum and Oil & Gas industries. The vacuum division of the company designs complete thin film deposition & analysis systems typically ranging from 10-7 to 10-10 mbar. Each system is precision engineered and constructed to meet the requirements of a cutting edge technology. Systems consist of:

  • Thermal and E-beam evaporation
  • Sputtering, RF & DC
  • Pulsed laser deposition
  • Molecular Beam Epitaxy
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • UHV Transfer tubes
  • X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
  • Ultra High Barrier Permeameter
  • Customized chambers

In addition, we supply an extensive range of UHV components (manipulators, view ports, transfer rods, heaters etc.).









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