IVC-19 / ICN+T 2013 and partner conferences will be the premier global forum in 2013 for researchers active in the science and engineering of materials, surfaces, thin films and coatings for diverse applications and environments at scales from the nano to the macro.


Plenary speakers:


  • Dan Shechtman, Technion, Israel - (bio)
    2011 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
    Quasi-periodic materials - Crystal redefined (abstract)

  • Shoucheng Zhang, Stanford, USA - (bio)
    2010 Europhysics Prizewinner
    Topological insulators and their edge and surface states (abstract)

  • André Borschberg, Lausanne, CH, Solar Impulse aircraft project
    From a vision to realization (bio - abstract) - (photo)


IUVSTA Prizes:

  •  Lars Samuelson, Lund Univ., Sweden
    2013 IUVSTA Prize for Science - (bio) (abstract)

  • John T. Grant, Dayton Univ., USA - (bio) (abstract)
    2013 IUVSTA Prize for Technology


Keynote speakers:


  • Marcela M.M. Bilek, Univ. Sydney, AUS - (bio) (abstract)

  • Lesley Cohen, Imperial College, UK - (bio) (abstract)

  • Charles S. Fadley, Univ. California, Davis, USA - (bio) (abstract)

  • Maki Kawai, Univ. Tokyo, JP - (bio) (abstract)

  • Nigel Marks, Curtin Univ., AUS - (bio) (abstract)

  • Felix Sharipov, Univ. Parana, Curitiba, Brazil  (bio) (abstract)

  • Hans Marcus Textor, ETH Zürich, CH - (bio) (abstract)

  • Philippe Walter, CNRS/Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, F - (bio) (abstract)

  • Wolfgang Wernsdorfer, Institut Néel, Grenoble, F - (bio) (abstract)

  • Qi-Kun Xue, Univ. Tsinghua, Beijing, PRC - (bio) (abstract)


Invited speakers:


  • André Anders, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab., USA - (bio) (abstract)
  • Marc Armbrüster, Max Planck Dresden, GER - (bio) (abstract)
  • Heike Arnolds, Univ. Liverpool, UK - (bio) (abstract)
  • Raul A. Baragiola, Univ. Virginia, USA - (bio) (abstract)
  • Johannes Barth, Technische Univ. Munchen, GER - (bio) (abstract)
  • Thierry Belmonte, Univ. Nancy, F - (bio) (abstract)
  • Jan Benedikt, Ruhr-Univ., Bochum, GER - (bio) (abstract)
  • Kirsten von Bergmann, Univ. Hamburg , GER - (bio) (abstract)
  • László Péter Biro, Hungarian Academy of Science, HU - (bio) (abstract)
  • Marie-Laure Bocquet, ENS Lyon, F - (bio) (abstract)
  • Maja Buljan, Ruder Boskovic Institute, HR - (bio) (abstract)
  • José Nuno A. Canongia Lopes, Univ. Lisboa, P - (bio) (abstract)
  • Robert Carpick, Univ. Pennsylvania, USA - (bio) (abstract)
  • Christine Charles, Australian National Univ., AUS - (bio) (abstract)
  • Paolo Chiggiato, CERN, CH - (bio) (abstract)
  • Jinn P. Chu, National Taiwan Ocean Univ., TW - (bio) (abstract)
  • Peter Cloetens, ESRF, F - (bio) (abstract)
  • Stéphane Colin, INSA Toulouse, F - (bio) (abstract)
  • Hiroshi Daimon, NAIST, J - (bio) (abstract)
  • Ulrike Diebold, Vienna Univ. Technology, AUT - (bio) (abstract)
  • Zdenek Dohnalek, Pacific Northwest National Lab., USA - (bio) (abstract)
  • Wolfgang Drube, Desy, GER - (bio) (abstract)
  • Padraig Dunne, Univ. College Dublin, IRL - (bio) (abstract)
  • Klaus Ensslin, ETH Zürich, CH - (bio) (abstract)
  • Howard Fairbrother, Johns Hopkins Univ., USA - (bio) (abstract)
  • Jean-Hugues Fillion, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, F - (bio) (abstract)
  • Elvira M.C. Fortunato, Univ. Lisboa, P - (bio) (abstract)
  • Thomas Frederiksen, Donostia International Physics Center, SP - (bio) (abstract)
  • Hong-jun Gao, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, PRC - (bio) (abstract)
  • Pratibha L. Gai, Univ. of York, UK - (bio) (abstract)
  • Alexandros Georgakilas, Univ. Crete & FORTH/IESL/MRG, GR - (bio) (abstract)
  • Ioannis Giapintzakis, Univ. Cyprus, CY - (bio) (abstract)
  • Pupa Gilbert, Univ. Wisconsin-Madison, USA - (bio) (abstract)
  • Gaetano Granozzi, Univ. Padova, I - (bio) (abstract)
  • Luca Gregoratti, Sincrotrone Trieste, I - (bio) (abstract)
  • Jean-F. Guillemoles, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris, F - (bio) (abstract)
  • Saw Wai Hla, Ohio Univ., USA - (bio) - (abstract)
  • Liv Hornekaer, Aarhus Univ, D - (bio) - (abstract)
  • Philip Hofmann, Aarhus Univ., DK - (bio) (abstract)
  • Lars Hultman, Linköping University, S - (bio) (abstract)
  • Mitsumasa Iwamoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP - (bio) (abstract)
  • Pavel Jelinek, Institute of Physics, Prague, CZ - (bio) (abstract)
  • Karl Jousten, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Berlin, GER - (bio) (abstract)
  • Alfredo Juan, Univ. National Del Sur, ARG - (bio) (abstract)
  • Hee Jae Kang, Chungbuk National University, KR - (bio) (abstract)
  • Erwin Kessels, Eindhoven Univ. of Technology, NL - (bio) (abstract)
  • Alexander Khajetoorians, Univ. Hamburg, GER - (bio) (abstract)
  • Jolanta Ewa Klemberg-Sapieha, Polytechnique Montréal, CND - (bio) (abstract)
  • Wolfgang Knoll, Instit. Technology Vienna, AUT - (bio) (abstract)
  • Takanori Koshikawa, Osaka Electro-Communication Univ., J - (bio) (abstract)
  • Jacqueline Krim, North Carolina State Univ., USA - (bio) (abstract)
  • Kinga Kutasi, Inst. Solid State Physics and Optics, Hungarian Acad. Sci, HU - (bio) (abstract)
  • Christophe Leys, Univ. Ghent, B - (bio) (abstract)
  • Bo Liedberg, Nanyang Technol. Univ., SIN- (bio) (abstract)
  • Thomas Loerting, Univ. of Innsbruck, AUT- (bio) (abstract)
  • Jian Lu, City Univ. of Hong Kong, PRC - (bio) (abstract)
  • Rosa Ale Lukaszew, College William and Mary, USA - (bio) (abstract)
  • Philippe Marcus, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris, F - (bio) (abstract)
  • Alexandria Margarella, Univ. California, USA - (bio) (abstract)
  • Jean-François de Marneffe, IMEC vzw, Leuven, B - (bio) (abstract)
  • Nicolas Martin, Univ. de Franche-Comté, F - (bio) (abstract)
  • Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf, Univ. Duisburg-Essen, GER - (bio) (abstract)
  • Gerhard Meyer, IBM Zürich, CH - (bio) (abstract)
  • Angelos Michaelides, London Center for Nanotechnology, UK - (bio) (abstract)
  • Thomas Michely, Univ. Köln, GER - (bio) (abstract)
  • Ron Naaman, Weizmann Institute, ISR - (bio) (abstract)
  • Jürg Osterwalder, Univ. Zürich, CH - (bio) (abstract)
  • Robert Pearce, ITER Organisation, F - (bio) (abstract)
  • Stefania Pizzini, Louis Néel Institute, F - (bio) (abstract)
  • Michael G. Ramsey, Univ. Graz, AUT - (bio) (abstract)
  • Rasmita Raval, Univ. Liverpool, UK - (bio) (abstract)
  • Sylvie Rousset, Univ. Paris Diderot, Paris, F - (bio) (abstract)
  • Mohan Sankaran, Case Western Univ., USA - (bio) (abstract)
  • Andreas Schmid, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab., USA - (bio) (abstract)
  • Janez Setina, Institute of Metals and Technology, SL - (bio) (abstract)
  • Alexander Gordon Shard, National Physical Laboratory, UK - (bio) (abstract)
  • Joachim Spatz, Univ. Heidelberg, GER - (bio) (abstract)
  • Hans-Peter Steinrück, Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg, GER - (bio) (abstract)
  • Marcy Stutzman, Jefferson Lab., USA - (bio) (abstract)
  • Eli Sutter, Brookhaven National Lab., USA - (bio) (abstract)
  • F. Stefan Tautz, Fz Juelich, GER - (bio) (abstract)
  • Dieter Süss, Univ. of Technology, AUT - (bio) (abstract)
  • Patricia A. Thiel , The Ames Lab., USA - (bio) (abstract)
  • Erio Tosatti, SISSA and ICTP Trieste, I - (bio) (abstract)
  • Janos Vörös, ETH Zurich, CH - (bio) (abstract)
  • Matthias Wuttig,RWTH Aachen Univ., GER - (bio) (abstract)
  • Han Woong Yeom, Postech, KR - (bio) (abstract)
  • Geu Young Yeom, Sungkyunkwan Univ., KR - (bio) (abstract)
  • Michael Zharnikov, Univ. Heidelberg, GER - (bio) (abstract)
Important dates

6 September 2013

Deadline for Registration to Reception

8 September 2013

Registration desk opening: 16:00

9 September 2013

Opening Ceremony: 09:00

10 September 2013

Opening Exhibition: 14:00

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